Itinerary 5 Nights 6 Days

Place 1

Solaiyar Dam

The Solaiyar Dam, located at a short distance of 20 km from the main hill station, is one of the best places to visit in Valparai. The Solaiyar Dam is a part of the Hydroelectric Project or HEP. The main Solaiyar Dam is also known as the Solaiyar Flanking, the Solaiyar Saddle Dam or the Upper Sholayar Dam and was inaugurated in 1965.

Place 2

Tea Estate Garden

Valparai is known for its expansive tea estates, which are not only a wonderful tourist attraction but an important aspect of the area’s economy as well. You can check in to one of the many Tea Estate Bungalows that can be found in Valparai.
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Place 3

Wild Woods Cottages

The Wild Woods Cottages are a magnificent jungle retreat in the scenic hill station of Valparai. The cottages are considered very elite and exclusive. The panoramic view of the hill station, with its lush green tea gardens, is one of its main attractions of these cottages.
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Place 4

Nirar Dam

One of the most interesting places to see in Valparai is the Nirar Dam. It is situated 16 km from the hill station of Valparai and the entire region is well-connected through a good network of roads. There is another adjacent dam called the Lower Nirar Dam located inside the jungle.
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Place 5

Monkey Falls

One of the most exciting Valparai attractions that you should not miss if you are in the area is Monkey Falls. Monkey Falls is a natural waterfall situated approximately 30km from Pollachi and at a short distance of 6 Kilometres from the Azhiyar Dam. Monkey Falls is located on the road that connects Valparai and Pollachi and is a great place to stop by with your friends and family for a picturesque picnic.

Place 6

Chinna Kallar Falls

If you are making a list of places to see in Valparai, you must include a trip to Chinna Kallar Falls which is a natural reservoir of freshwater. This waterfall is situated in the district of Coimbatore, and is mainly surrounded by narrow, rugged bushes.

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